Your Data Recover & amp; Delete Automatic After Losing Your Mobile


Don’t worry when you lost your android apps. We know that you can purchase the new mobile phone but you don’t find your memorable and precious data which is connected with your past memories.

we are very much close to developing the Android app which stores your mobile data on the internet storage with high security and unfortunately when you lost your mobile phone.

Then access your account from this app and recover your all data from the internet .
to delete the data from your previous mobile you have to access the same procedure and delete complete data from your previous mobile phone.

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You have to do only simple things that first download our app then it gives you the option to upload your complete data on internet storage. This internet storage is highly protected and access to you only with scanning your face and voice pitch as a password.

So be cool when you lost your mobile phone regarding your data. We will launch this app in August form then you are highly secure.

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