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Eating is a good habit it is very much essential for our existence but it also makes us effected when we don’t know what to eat when to eat and how much to eat.

We always follow our eager in this regard and eat what is available in front of ours. IMMWIT Android team is working on the app which suggests you what is good for your health this app is boon for the health conscious personalities.

You have to follow just simple steps and mark what you eat up to now from the morning and it shows the calories and fat in % and also assists you to take the food with alarm. And when you’re daily calories consumption is complete then it also stops you take more food with the regular warning message.

This also suggests you the daily exercise steps and regular message you the health tips which are a very important part of our life. The new survey of Google says that only from past decay the user of the internet becomes 400% increases. Now the new place for contact your community is absolutely the web. know more about visit hear. Android Apps Development CompanyAndroid-Apps-in-20131

Your Data Recover & amp; Delete Automatic After Losing Your Mobile


Don’t worry when you lost your android apps. We know that you can purchase the new mobile phone but you don’t find your memorable and precious data which is connected with your past memories.

we are very much close to developing the Android app which stores your mobile data on the internet storage with high security and unfortunately when you lost your mobile phone.

Then access your account from this app and recover your all data from the internet .
to delete the data from your previous mobile you have to access the same procedure and delete complete data from your previous mobile phone.

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You have to do only simple things that first download our app then it gives you the option to upload your complete data on internet storage. This internet storage is highly protected and access to you only with scanning your face and voice pitch as a password.

So be cool when you lost your mobile phone regarding your data. We will launch this app in August form then you are highly secure.

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App Which Permanently Delete Your Data

Tomorrow AVAST the antivirus company gives the shock to all android users that after deleting your all personal data from your mobile it recovers easily. It sounds cool but what about when you sail your mobile to another person, they recover your all personal data from your mobile, and may blackmail you or reveal your snaps or video online.


After reviewing this research paper Mobile Apps Development team of IMMWIT planning to make an android app that not only hides your data but also delete the data permanently from your device. We start our research work in this area and very soon we introduce this app we always perform better when this type of challenge we face.


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With more than 7 years of experience and nearly 80 + customers, our market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a proven, trusted foundation, including:

• Product planning, cost and development

• Manufacturing or service delivery

• Marketing and sales

• Inventory management

• Shipping and payment

If you want to manage your Business with our best quality and most trusted ERP Software then please contact us.

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Best SEO Services Provider in Delhi

Search Engine Optimization is the process of diverting traffic from search engines like Google to your website. A business is called successful when it is known by the people. Since most of our business is going online, then your website must be accessible from the internet. So SEO must be done to get traffic from the internet and provide a way to get your business globally known.Without SEO, your website will lag behind your competitors and you will lose sales opportunities.


IMM web Information Technology, a leading SEO Company in Delhi offers dedicated search engine optimization and design services to help you score over your competition. You will find here a team of highly qualified and skilled search engine specialists. Our solutions are very simple, transparent and are built around your specific requirements. We don’t give complicated or vague estimates and we never promise results that we can’t deliver .we provide guarantee results. We IMMWIT are trusted SEO provider who has improved the ranking of various websites and maximized visibility of its clients’ websites.

  • Our SEO includes various areas such as:
  1. Well-structured Web Page Design
  2. Appropriate website linking from other sites
  3. Well written Web Site Content
  4. Carefully designed Meta tags and HTML

Our SEO Services Includes:

  1. Search engine submission.
  2. On page
  3. Off page SEO
  4. SMO
  5. Social Bookmarking.
  6. Link building
  7. Blog submission.
  8.  Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Website Analyst

This is the first process that is done by our SEO expert. We first analyze whole website in order to find any on page optimization errors .we analyze your WebPages whether they are optimized or not. Is there any broken links in your website or not etc.

Keyword Suggestion

Keyword research is the most important process in the SEO strategy. It will decide on which keywords your Website will come on the first page of Google.

SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is the process by which we decide how your website SEO should start.SEO strategy depends upon your website.

In SEO Strategy we decide how to start SEO on your web pages. It only depends on your website.

Search Engine Friendly Design

In order to make your website Search engine friendly we do different types of work on your website like improving your navigation URL, Remove any broken links etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team places your website to the best social platforms or social networks so that you will have a large number of exposure and visitors. And SMO services drive greater internet traffics; betters your brand value and makes a distinct image!


We also create reports on your website performance on a weekly, monthly basis. So that you can know your website ranking is improved while we are doing our SEO.


Maintenance is also the important factor when the SEO is done on a website. We provide maintenance of your website for the website rank.

Best Design and Development Company in Delhi NCR

At the present time, the website is giving you a healthy business. Everyone wants to advertise their product or services through the online marketing. So Website designing plays a vital role in this marketing. Your customers get impressed by seeing your product and services which is displayed beautifully and creatively. And the best way to keep your customer happy and engaged with your site is easy to use features, impressive and exciting offers.


You are surrounded by so many companies which offer you the website design. So to choose the right one is not an easy task. If you are looking for any Website Designing Company in Delhi so just keep some points in your mind:-

• A company should give you professional design
• A company should have the professional expertise in design and development
• A company should give the template which is simple to understand to users
• A company should be able to satisfy customer’s requirement


You will meet all above requirements in IMM web information technology. We offer brilliant and quality website designing at the cheapest prices. Here we have expertise in website development and designing. Our main strategy of work is to bring you a more business. and happy customers are always giving you a healthy business. We developed a website in the latest platform and our expertise is always up to the date of the latest technologies. We design user-friendly, responsive and robust websites for Matrimonial, online shopping, Classifieds, Travel, Job or Real Estate and more.
We have also here a great offer of website templates in will give you the bulk of templates in different categories with a different platform eg:wordpress,joomla,html/css etc. You will find here full PSD resource. it will help you to save your time.

Once you will have your own website then you want to place your website in more and more search engine to advertise your product or services. it will only possible by SEO mythology.

SEO gives you the ranking on Google and help you to give more visitors to your site. We also offer here SEO services. Our SEO services refer to an extremely elaborated set of activities devised to assist your website secure guaranteed top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here are our some SEO services-

On page SEO

» Keyword Mapping
» Meta Tags
» “H” Tags
» Body Text
» HTML Head

Off page SEO

» Directories
» Article Directories
» Top ranking sites
» Local listings
» Video posting
» News sites
» Newsletters


SO don’t be late to make your own website at a very minimum price with IMMWIT PRIVATE LIMITED.

SEO Company Delhi , Best SEO Services according to latest Google algorithm

Going online is the best way to market your product or services. The Internet is extremely essential to do well for any business and thus every business has a website. Creating a website is not just enough for a business. If there would not be any visitor of your site then it will not useful to create any website so One has to make sure that their website is getting the desired hits and is visible to the intended customers. If here we are talking about online marketing then Search engine optimization is an effective and best way of giving your business an impetus and achieving the maximum out of it. This task can be accomplished by handing over the job of SEO of your website.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

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“Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.”

It is a set of the process which is applied to your website, either on-page or off-page to improve its quality and appearance so that traffic and revenue can increase for the specific business or firm. It improves  the visibility of a website on organic (“natural” or un-paid) search engine result pages (SERPs), by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website

Why Choose Us

To grow up your business is the highly competitive task, so the best way to handle this is to go online and choose the right SEO Company that offers affordable SEO Services in Delhi.

. We are offering a very simple and transparent solution. And our solutions are built around your requirements.

2. We don’t give the complicated estimate and we don’t promise the result that we can’t deliver.

3. Our company helps you with every step of setting up a successful online business.

4. We are offering competitive and friendly services to our client.

5. Increasing revenue

6. Our main motive is to improve website quality

7. Increasing web traffic

8. Improving brand image and value

9. We have very sound knowledge of latest search engine optimization trends not only in Indian market, but on a global scale

10. We have global reach. We have worked with clients in USA, UK, China, Dubai and many more countries.

Our SEO Services are according to the Google algorithm:

1.On Page Services- Keyword Mapping, Keyword Cannibalization, Meta Tags, HTML & Link Validation, Text-to-Code Ratio etc

2. Off Page Services-Directories, Article Directories, News sites, Guest blogging, Content licensing etc

3. SMO: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

4. PPC, link building.